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drivethru debacle – WIP

This could be a fun piece, it is about how the drivethru window and car heights don’t always match. Also sometimes you aren’t close enough to the window and that becomes problematic. Here the speculation is on how much the Y axis variable can complicate things…

#1 blue flare

why assume she's using halogens? she could have an LED array...

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#2 base

hard to say if this pose will match or not until I get the register girl there

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#3 headlight

it looks dark enough that she should have her headlights on

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#4 kitchen sink

or I could always double down on my light effect...

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  1. I think the real question here is did they screw her order up?

    I like the LED flare for the headlights. My gut is in the future the drive-thru would have an extended arm so there would be no human contact.

    just saying…


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