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Final Fantasy style WIP

In FF8 the new weapon tech was gunblades, which is actually the oldest gun tech there is. Back in the day the reload rate of firearms was tremendously long, so many early models had some sort of weapon attached; these were the forerunners of bayonets…

But with the advent of revolvers, all that became pointless. Indeed the weapon attachment would throw off the accuracy, so the practice fell into disuse. Until about 19 years ago when gunblades became all the rage again

#1 work in progress

I'll see your gunblade and raise you a halberd-rifle! I was going to make her a landsknecht but then just went with something a little more FF related. The backlighting on her hair is nice but otherwise it needs more of a glossy sheen

#2 rough sketch

Even I like the rough sketch better than the WIP today...


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