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When the time stopped on Thursday in Barcelona, after anger, and impotence, I believe that silence and non-diffusion of images, is the greatest respect that can be made to the victims. It is the same thing that has happened in different countries these last years, I just hate, yes, I hate FREEDOM. No matter what happens in New York, Iraq, Paris, Ethiopia or Barcelona, it is simply hate, and feelings stop.

We are not going to enter to value, who started this, what wars foment it, what countries sell the arms, etc., of all this already they are ordered the means of masses of some and others. However the ramblas, is an open space full of life and different cultures that live in harmony, but there are always those who take advantage of these atrocities to draw redito with their most repugnant instincts, creating more hatred than by itself, cause this Series of events. Now that we believe that we are closer to each other, connected by the new technologies, we are further away than ever. If, in fact, our egos have been shot in such a pathetic way, we want to be the first to spread all this kind of atrocities via mobile, with its consequent consequences. If we ourselves are not able to feel pain and empathy for the victims, by propagating with our cell phones all those miserable macabre images, which can be expected from the sensational media, the press, TV .., which bear all the pain of these macabre events To the last ladder of morbidity, by that anxiety of excessive protagonism.

But all this has consequences, one of them, perhaps the most important one, is that it hinders the work of the security corps when it comes to exercising their work, trying to catch these terrorists, since with their diffusion the terrorists know where They are looking for them, sad but true. And I wonder, will journalists and their bosses know this?

Another is that all of this, impacts on our society in a negative way, creating more hatred from which some people who believe they are superior to others, call themselves, Politicians without scruples, ISIS, Nazis, Fascists, religious fanatics, Terrorists and other parasites that neither human beings like nor FREEDOM. There are many more reasons, such as respect for victims and their families, social alarm, phobias towards others …

However, we can say that those who respect life and freedom, apart from not frightening some, others will not deceive us. Let us live in peace.


What do you think?

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Written by NANO


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  1. Peace is the ideal idea of man. Although the similarity of the will has many “if” and interests, at least the urge to create peace remains. Unfortunately, not all humans want that peace to happen, because their interests continue to whisper loudly, “The peace of mankind is not profitable!”. If peace lovers continue to sing the song of peace and still the peace does not happen, then at least let’s make peace with ourselves, let’s have peace of mind, an independent peace unconditionally.

    • Thanks so much!
      We can not afford these situations to continue, too many innocent people die, because of hatred, capitalism, tyrants, oil, religions, wars …
      Contributing to this by supporting these causes, moves us to the lowest human being, we must denounce all these situations, from the civics, not feeding more hatred. It is simply my opinion.

      • Of course, we must constantly voice our concerns, nonstop, in any way, other than violence, but if we are too hopeful of the outcome, we will be frustrated (then what about our own peace?), may be We will hate those who oppress too, then with hatred, can we create peace?
        Just my opinion as well, my brother of peace.

        • Personally I think if it is possible. If we do not fall into the trap of valuing with the same speech, as well as the continuous and ignited statements of a part of society, through the press, social networks, bars, etc.
          In this short period of time, not even a week of the attacks, have heard authentic barbarities and accusations on the part of those who want to get political benefit without money or a pipipipiiiiii, forgiveness for the expression, deaths and feelings of affected families For this barbarism. Whether they come from politicians, journalists, people on foot, or from the Catholic Church, with a speech even worse than that of the fundamentalists themselves, feeding more on openly Islamophobic arguments or worse still camouflaged with that of “I am not Xenophobic but do not come to take the bread. ”
          All this could already be seen in the antientados of 11-M-. We re-echo the same.
          We really are more fundamentalists than they are.

          In whose hands are we?
          Who benefits all this?

          We have heard few reflections on this.

          • Personally, I am also very concerned about all that. It even happens everywhere, including in my country. Who benefits from it? Of course they are the ones who conspire, those who make this system, those who deliberately make this situation, and the whole accomplice.

    • It is not a sad world, we do it with these barbarities.
      If we let them win, it will be so.
      But it is in our hands that is not sad, we must not feed that hatred to get into their game. That is why there are those who sell their weapons and feed the wars. We must ask ourselves Is this what we want? And act simply by not voting for those who feed this.

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