The Right To Kill

The facts in this article are true. They have been in newspapers, on television, and are not contradicted. Can not be contradicted.

Do a search of ‘Patrick Powell Jamaica’ and you will find them.

Way back on November 12, 2009,  Jahni Powell, the son of Patrick, and his pals attacked a man in the Belgrade Loop community of upper St Andrew. They beat the hell out of him. The beating left this man paralysed.

As Jahni is the son of  Big Man, Patrick Powell, the police didn’t touch him.

So a man is beaten, left paralysed, and nothing is done. It is called Jamaican Justice. Or the lack thereof.

Jahni would have never seen the inside of a jail cell if it wasn’t for his Daddy.

It was two years after that attack  Jahni was arrested. The police never would have charged Jahni if his father hadn’t shot and murdered a 17-year-old Kingston College Student, Khajeel Mais, on July 1, 2011.

For two years, Jahni, who was above the law because his father Patrick Powell is a ‘big man’ enjoyed his life.

After all, when your father’s a Big Man, you ‘own’ Jamaica.

Patrick was the actual ‘owner’ of course.

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One evening, Patrick Powell murdered Khajeel Mais. Khajeel was a passenger in a taxi which crashed into the back of Patrick’s BMW X6.

How dare a taxi hit Patrick Powell’s car!  Well this couldn’t be accepted! After all Patrick Powell is a Big Man.

So, Powell jumped out, fired shots at the taxi driver who sped off. Patrick missed the taxi driver, but a lucky shot caught the seventeen year old passenger.

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Khajeel was on his way to a school fete.

So what, right? Khajeel was Collateral damage. Meant nothing to Powell, who had taught that taxi driver a lesson!

Patrick Powell didn’t realise he had killed Khajeel right off.

Maybe he got a phone call, maybe he saw the report on the news. Realising that the event might disrupt his life a bit, and (ha ha) he might be arrested, Patrick left Jamaica.

He went up to America where he lived in luxury.

The cops were unable to do anything. After all  Powell is a ‘big man’. One doesn’t touch a big man.  A couple of cops, a bit less cowed by Patrick Powell, decided to go after his son.

After all, two years before Jahni did commit a crime.  Further, with no one there to bribe them,  the cops arrested Jahni.

The arrest of his son lured Patrick back to Jamaica. Once on The Rock, Patrick Powell could be arrested for the murder of Khajeel.

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This was in 2011.

Of course, Patrick and his son were granted bail!  Do you have to ask?

The case against Patrick began in 2016.

There is nothing shocking about five years passing between an event and a trial.  This gives witnesses a time to forget or die. Or be reached.

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Some of the ‘cute’ bits of information that came out at that the trial is that Patrick refused to hand over his gun to the police. The police couldn’t do a thing about it. That’s because Patrick Powell is a ‘Big Man’.

Just because a guy has a gun that it is believed was used in a murder does not mean he has to hand it over to the Police in Jamaica.  After all, this isn’t New York or London or anywhere that laws apply equally; this is the Kakiscracy called Jamaica.

Now the Taxi driver has given his evidence, hemming and hawing, not sure who shot at him. Patrick Powell is a ‘Big Man’ and one knows, in Jamaica, just like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm;  All animals are equal, but pigs are more equal.

So Patrick Powell busts a murder case.  But the pressure is there, so he has to be charged with something. How about…ummm… failing to hand over his licensed firearm and ammunition to the police for inspection.

The penalty? Up to a $300,000  fine or 12 months in prison.

The public was angry. The Government had to do something fast.  Aha! Charge him for some minor crime, like ohhhh… not handing over his firearm.

So Patrick Powell, murderer,  was sentenced to 9 months in prison for not handing over his gun. That he murdered a nobody like Khajeel well, that’s his right, isn’t it?


What do you think?

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    • I know about it. There was a big case. A chap shot and killed a guy and got away with it. But this matter of Powell wasn’t a stand your ground. If someone had tried to break into Powell’s house and he killed him, everyone would cheer.

      We have a similar policy of stand your ground.

    • Of course not. Patrick Powell is a Big Man. Has money, has connections. If the event hadn’t gone viral and the public had not known… nothing. But everyone knew and was talking, and Powell was hiding in America. So they arrested his son… (and I have no idea if he was even charged) held him to ransom, and Big Ugly Powell came back, got bail right away, and wasn’t convicted of the murder.

      The public was angry so they charged him on this lesser charge, convicted him, and I’m sure he is serving his sentence at a hotel somewhere.

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