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An interview with the unique Paul Pulszartti.

Paul Pulszartti is one of the most interesting artists in Europe while many of his vibrant artworks are in private collections in NewYork, London, San Francisco, Prague and Budapest. Paul Pulszartti gave us an interview and guide us to his amazing world.

What are you working on at the moment?

Recently I am working on large-scale paintings and have finished some of my work, pictures, that were presented during my exhibition in my hometown. Entitled: In combination of colours and lights.

What else should we know about you and your work?

My name`s Paul and I come from Slovakia which is Europe. I`m freelance artist.

I`ve been painting since my youth until now and will never stop.

Art is my life. It is something that I truly love and I`m very passionate about it.

It`s make me happy. I feel free when I`m painting , time doesn`t exist.

My works explore colours, lights, mood, illusions, and my dreams. They express and catch life events and current situations worldwide. Colour is vital to my compositions. Colour can express more mood and excitement as well as light contrasting. I am motivated and inspired by nature, dynamics of movement, people`s life and events.

My aspiration is to travel around the USA, where I could draw new inspiration for my work.

Moreover, I admire American culture, modern way of living and thinking. I`d like to uncover and get to know the culture closer as Andy Warhol did. He`s my idol and I glory (love) his work.

I enjoy wild and crazy colours, dynamics in motion, abstract imagery but on the other hand I like peace and calm. Each my work is inspired and motivated by the information I have given.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

My future goal is to paint and bring happiness, pleasure for all art lovers and to people`s life as well as reveal the colours, lights and amount of values reflecting character of nowadays. I want to be fully dedicated in painting.

What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created? (Including a link if you would like)

My favourite piece of work I have created is:  Fly away.

The first impression may shows you the simplicity but the picture looks minimal, fresh and airy.


Artwork for sale by Paul Pulszartti. I was born and live in central Europe. I liked the art from my youth. I enjoy many different styles and periods of art , but abstract art, Dada, expressionism, surrealism, …


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About Paul Pulszartti: I was born and live in central Europe Slovakia.

I liked the art from my youth. I enjoy many different styles and periods of art , but abstract art, Dada, expressionism, surrealism, and pop art appeal to me the most.

In 1988, inspired by the nature of life, mysticism, world events, and by personal experience, I started my own research of colors, techniques, styles, variations of composition and finding my own expressions in abstract.

I like playful art, “alive paintings” where the colours tell a story. Every painting carries many of my emotions. My works have a free flow of ideas from my inside world.

I like to paint with different techniques. I use acrylic, synthetic oil, watercolor, glue on painting materials as paper, canvas, hardboard, glass. The colours in the paintings combine with each other at their discretion.

In November 1989 in Czechoslovakia I became the regional winner in modern art painting. After that more victories have followed on Fine Art America website competitions.

My works are in private collections in San Francisco, New York, London, Prague, Budapest, Brno and Bratislava.


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Written by Paul Pulszartti