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Black & White Friday – Some pen & ink Art Work and Charcoal

Here I put Warwicks & my art work together in a black & white pen & ink display.

Pen & ink is in different shades of black and white and various greys, as it is with photography.

Sometimes an issue in life is not always as it seems and there are no real black and white answers until you find the truth..Often comes in degrees of grey and then it is 3 D….

A situation isn’t always as it seems…so I will need to learn a lot and even in this life time it is impossible to know everything. With the rate of inventions at an accelerating pace….we can know some of it…not all..

Some things are black and white too… 

Warwick’s Pen & Ink Northland bush

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My Dancer of pure passion – Charcoal

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  1. you are both incredibly gifted.

    The world sadly moves quickly away from black and white. Complexity is added by simply adding a third or a fourth human to the conversation.

    The shades of gray are where we get lost.

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