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Black & White Friday – Profile painting

I sold this painting for $10.00 on Trade Me. 

Yes, I sold another for $20.00 and another for $20.00. I am not really happy with Trade Me. A lot of art in New Zealand doesn’t sell in Art galleries because most people who go to them look at paintings that have no meaning.

Ordinary people want something they like. There are Zombies who put awful things on their walls from Art galleries because the experts tells them the artist is a genius.

I guess its anyones opinion on how they view art work. 

A lot of my clients or people I know, hate the art work in our New Zealand art galleries, and the only art galleries in Auckland that actually has nice art work has expensive art work because the artists who did them are dead. They could not sell their art for what it was worth when they lived. Its life.


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Yes, you are right Tasartcraft, there are different types of people and hope to respect them all. I guess New Zealand has less people than many countries with nearly just 4 million people for the whole country. Some areas are different than others when it comes to art work. Auckland where I live is mainly a commercial city.

  2. Nice painting!
    People usually spend money on art that captures them visually … they don’t really care about the meaning behind …

    That’s why some people came back with inappropriate souvenirs …

    • Thanks Alibb, you are right.
      We have souvenirs run by Japanese and made in Japan and called New Zealand souvenirs. Sad that tourists aren’t pointed into the genuine New Zealand souvenirs made by New Zealanders. I have nothing against Japan, but they should never make nor sell New Zealand souvenirs.

        • Oh, but New Zealand does have hand made things, and it’s a real pity that tourists don’t get to go to the NZ craft markets.
          I often tell people to go to the Craft markets and they have the real NZ crafts.
          There is however, a place that sells genuine NZ made in A marino Wool place by the Autobarn by some main highways.

    • Well, death is one subject that first was displayed in a local art gallery. After losing 20 people in home care to illnesses and seeing that, it would not be a subject I would want on my wall,
      However, some people want it.

      • Yes, I understand, but it was like that for you, there are different kinds of people….. I’m not saying I would like that subject, but there are different subjects I guess too… It is something else if the gallery has a certain style that no one likes, but there are other galleries too

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