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Another Way – WIP

Some of you might remember the Alice Project  that I’ve been not working on for quite some time. Not saying that this is a better way to do the masks, but it is another way to think of them…

#1 ichi

just some brushstrokes

5 points

#2 matte

with a matte finish, it happens...

5 points

#3 ni

even more random brushstrokes

5 points

#4 semi-gloss

but some folks prefer semi gloss

5 points

#5 san

there is something to be said for minimalism

5 points

#6 metal

these may not be the best examples, but you get the idea

5 points

#7 shi

perhaps a bit TOO sloppy

5 points

#8 go

this is a photo of an actual glacier and I haven't done anything to it, but it looks like paper...

5 points

#9 roku

this background might be fun for the winter queen

5 points

#10 surface test

distressed paint? gotta love it...

4 points

What do you think?

12 points


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