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problems have solutions – omake

dunno if you’ll like this one, but it is a walkthough of an issue that popped up during my October banner workflow, and then how I got around it. turns out it wasn’t needed at all, but…

#1 start

the lighting isn't right yet, but you might already see the issue

3 points

#2 lit

now it is painfully obvious what isn't working

3 points

#3 partial fix

this lighting almost solves the issue

3 points

#4 my fix

I just stuck a torus between the light and the image area, which indicates a larger tentacle, and bonus points because the fix actually improves the piece

3 points

#5 alternate solution

or just change the lighting entirely. but this piece looks a little flat

3 points

#6 sneak preview

as it turns out, the fix wasn't needed but I had no way of knowing that...

3 points

What do you think?

10 points


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