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Tweedle POC

I never liked the adorable moron versions of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, because in the book they were paired rooks, a potent combination. So my version showcases that strength. I am also playing around with the idea of talismans, more on this later…

#1 first mask

I wanted the masks to be made of old cracked porcelain...

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#2 both masks

Early on, I decided the masks were actually talismans that possessed the wearer. While the masks conferred great strength and power, it also made them tools of the red queen

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#3 test

an all 3D solution. I think this one is Tweedledum

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#4 preview

so here is an old piece I did which I might wanna remix...

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#5 hybrid

the masks and background are 3D, but the bodies are 2D. this was obviously done in a transitional period...

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