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The Willow Report

Some of you may remember #TheWillowReport from Tsu, and Rabadaba, Willow is of course my Tortoise Shell Calico, my poodle who sadly passed decided it was time to take her home, some as soon as she was old enough that’s what we did.  My Mom adopted her sister as well.

She figured out how to stop and play the cat videos watch out world Lol.

And here she’s ready to go Christmas shopping with me, she climbed into my Purse Lol! And now some tired kittens Lol!

You’ve heard of Disney’s Dog Withna Blog, here’s Willow’s edition Cat with a blog!

And now she’s on Patrol, guarding the kitchen, not a treat will be left untouched.

And Now Willow has a new role, as Mother to four little fluff balls, two are already spoken for Lol!

Aren’t they adorable?


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