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The cult of consumption

Flack Friday passed some time ago. But the fever of shopping still continues. Today, I came around this photo on Facebook and looking at it, I wanted to imagine myself in the place of those people.  I did not succeed. Black Friday is a symbol of trading success. At night, people on the doorstep of stores, traffic jams, chaos, and hysterical shopping become commonplace.

With the sounds of Christmas music, we buy and buy everything in a row. The cult of consumption and habits imprison us, and the thought of “What do you want for Christmas?” becomes killing.

I know. I would like to see again what I saw this summer running along our river’s embankment. One evening, a man was sitting on a bench in the park, with a stroller beside him, and he was reading a book in a quiet and calm voice. I don’t know if babies understand anything, but they say that children start to distinguish sounds while still being in the womb. I looked at that image and didn’t want to run. I just stood there and dreamed of sitting down and listening.

Everything here blended together. It seemed like I was looking at a picture of the perfect world with so few – a quiet evening, the whispering trees, the scent of coming autumn, and a man reading his child a book by voice. It seems so simple, but so much! With coming Christmas, I want to utter and hear unspoken words, so many of them have somehow accumulated inside of me. Have a nice holiday.

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