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I saved a street cat!

This is Ramona, she was a small kitten who was hanging around our building here in Jerusalem.   She is now about 3 years old, and still tries to get out as much as she can. She scratches and bites, runs after birds if she can see them, but I don’t let her out.  As you can see she is part Tabby and part spots.

Every time we come home she comes and meows at the door. We live on the 7th floor, and one time she got out onto the roof of the building. She wandered around a bit and then found an open window. She went in. Too bad it was the apartment of a cat hating family. You could have heard the screams from a mile away! So my son and I finally found Ramona behind their couch. She was more scared of them then they were of her!


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  1. she is cute. she looks like my late cat, leloubelle. my current cat is adopted from a neighbor who died. i keep him indoors for his own safety, and he is now a happy and spoiled 17-year-old cat. i think more countries need to create an animal sanctuary to protect homeless animals and give them a safe home.

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