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Saturday Critters – Damselfly (edited)

I am more and more convinced of editing broken posts on this site. There are still users who would like to see these posts and who when they try … find nothing! In the happiest case, they leave a comment announcing that the pictures are not visible. It happened a few days ago, it happened again today! (see comment below!) The only solution is to edit the post and hope that Jasmine will come back to see the pictures! Thanks Jasmine!

Damselflies are similar to dragonflies but are smaller. According to wikipedia, damselflies are known from the lower Permian, at least 250 million years ago. Damselflies, are feeding on  flying insects. I spent many mornings on the water bank to watch these wonderful insects. I admired their ‘dance’ over the water. I noticed that they love the sun. They always rested on plants in the sunlight. The most interesting thing seemed to me that during mating, the body of the dragonflies took the heart shape. Did you notice that?  I dont know wery much about damselfly. I just love to take picture  to these beautiful insects. If you want to know more about Damselflies check wikipedia. If you want to see pictures…then look at these pictures I have taken! My previous post Saturday Critters โ€“ Happy Birthday, Maya!


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