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Norwegian Forest Cat

Robin Biznis November 23.2018 Belgrade


Childhood I used to spend with my grandmother in   one small house.There are  I  was have  a dog and cat.So I loved animals.All animals.Today me and my wife  have dog breed  Beagle. She lives with us.Unlike me, she does not like a cat.And that’s why I can not have a cat next to her.But I do not miss the opportunity if  I saw neighbor cat.,  i do  caress  her.I have a huge collection of journals about animals.I’ll give you a story about the Nordic cat from a magazine.In nature I never saw her.

Norwegian Forest Cat.

She  fascinates with the magnificent power, and its hold is steady  and  noble.

Her species still live in the forests of northern Europe, more precisely Norway, Swedish and Denmark   than wild cats.In addition to her, you have the impression of peace and tranquility.But it does not need to fool anyone that the cat is cautious, and nothing can not be missed. She is always on guard.

Their weight is from 7 to 10 kg. They fall into large cats.But they are also very swift and faster.An elk cat, as the Norwegians call, has a double fur.

The color of fur can be different. A large range of colors that fur can have.Care of fur is reduced to combing once a week.

This roguish giant loves children and is their friend and their guardian.She  likes to hang out with other cats, likes to sleep beside a warm kiln, but like  to be walking on the snow on leash with kids.

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She is intelligent and quick to learn.She knows how to learn to open a tap or door from the shower cabin.

She remembers well and sometimes tries to say what she remembers.

Photo from my magazine.

Norwegian forest cat is one of the few species that lives in the wild but also with the man in his apartment and environment.

Whoever loves cats and has the ability to buy this kind of cat, I strongly recommend him, especially if there are children in the house.


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  1. We have one that comes into the grooming shop. They are awesome cats. You didn’t mention that they were hypoallergenic as well. Their saliva is different than a regular cat, and people that are allergic to cats show now symptoms.

  2. I remember reading about the Norwegian forest cat. They are absolutely gorgeous with their long and thick fur all the more to protect them from the cold unlike my cat Runt who is not a fan of winter. I think I would enjoy owning this type of cat but I do not think they would like our summers with the heat and the high humidity. Even Runt, my shorthaired cat had problems staying outside this last summer because of the high humidex factor. All in all great photos and a grand looking cat…

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