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No World For Poor Animals

In many poor and under developed countries, there is very little awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and saving the eco-system.

Wildlife is not considered a precious national asset and is often seen as a means of earning a quick profit or just the next meal on the table for a large, hungry family.

Illiteracy, poverty , apathy, and corruption are also major reasons why saving endangered fauna and flora is not on the list of priorities for people and governments.

Ruthless cutting and felling of trees has shrunk the habitats of precious animals. Poverty and overpopulation also play a big role. It is difficult to care for four legged creatures or endangered aquatic animals if you have 6-7 children who are hungry.

Forests are cleared for farming and building houses to support the ever growing population driving wildlife out. For food, the animals enter villages and local towns and are then hunted down by villagers who want to protect their life, property and livestock.

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There is still no effective ban in place to stop traditional activities like hunting or shooting of wildlife in many countries. Where rules exist, the efforts are hampered by weak law enforcement mainly because wildlife officials themselves are usually involved in issuing illegal hunting licenses and trading of endangered species.

Farmers are using more and more pesticides , chemicals and insecticides for agriculture which is having a very adverse effect on the local flora and fauna and causing sickness among the migratory birds , insects and aquatic animals.

Poaching is also a major factor contributing to the dwindling population of wildlife. Animals are hunted for fur, horns, tusks, animals are killed for sport and trophies or captured alive for export to foreign collectors.

In view of all these dangers, I am surprised animals still exist on planet earth. We certainly seem very unwilling to let any home, shelter or food remain for them.

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  1. I read your blog and several things came to mind. If you were starving and all you had was an endangered animal you would choose your life over the animals’. If a patch of land could be turned into food so you could farm and support your family, the animals would lose again.

    I was thinking, we don’t realize how lucky we are to live in America where we don’t have to kill animals and rape the land to survive. Than I had another realization, we’ve already moved the animals out for our purposes, we’ve already destroyed habitats and we can’t even eat natural untainted food anymore. We’ve even eliminated people for our purposes and will again if we see benefits outweighing them.

    Here is the good news and bad news. It is truly a perfect world, it seems the only imperfection is the human species. I think we are an invasive species anywhere we go, we grow populations and we take more than we give back. I feel like science and medicine has made the species live longer and there are many problems with that, we need more land, more food, more resources.

    What is the alternative, we stop using science, start dying earlier, go back to the way it was in primitive times where we don’t have population explosions? No, that is ridiculous but I do think people are starting to think more about the planet, an awareness has been instilled in us and our young people. There is a way we can coexist, we just need to realize space is limited and we need to start learning how to live with the planet instead of off the planet.

    I am a lover of nature, even a tree hugger at that. I have heard about some African communities employing the same poachers to protect wildlife because they’ve learned they can profit off of bringing people to see live wildlife. There is a better way to keep wildlife, make it something everyone wants to protect because they all benefit from it. Ecotourism is a growing answer to senseless killing.

    I am a wildlife gardener. I raise plants that support wildlife with no pesticides or chemicals of any kind. I also believe for every new community that tears up the landscape for new homes, there needs to be a beehive to protect the bees and a garden for native local wildlife. Suddenly instead of tearing down wildlife we could add habitat every time we build a new neighborhood. All just ideas, thank you for post as it truly made me think about the situation. Sorry about the long message.


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