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The kittens are now 7 weeks old… 3 more weeks and they will go to their furever families! 

Luna has done a great job at raising these three minions! 

She keeps them safe and herds them away from danger. This is the day they learned to climb the Pepper Tree! 

She wasn’t so sure she should let them do this.. 

Look closely, some of these kittens are hidden, and in some Luna the dog is hidden! Does this sound like one of my games? For those of you who want to, it is a game!  

#1 I’ll call this one, “Two kittens and a dog”!

My cat had three kittens, a snowshoe siamese, a tuxedo, which are pictured. The tux is looking at the mini spotted black panther, or the black kitten. 

Luna is in this shot as well. Where is she at? Left of Right hand side? 

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#2 The Pepper Tree

The little black one was the first to make it up the tree! He's all boy and very agile. 

Is he facing the camera or away from it? 

#3 Mini Black Panther!

He does look like a mini black panther! And is just as fierce! lol Not really, he's a love bug! 

#4 Someone is coming up the tree behind me…

Which one do you think it is? The tuxedo or the siamese? 

#5 Tuxedo Guy!

The concentration on his little face is precious! 

Can you spot the black one? 

#7 The black one was the first to get up..

but wasn't so sure on how to get down. He is looking intently at Tux.. Tux gets stopped in his tracks in the next shot. 

Why? Who does Tux meet on the way down? 

#8 It’s just MOM!

Luna thinks they are her kittens! 

How many pets are in this photo?

#9 Tux is safe!

Panther decides to come down next. Will he back down like his brother? Or come down head first? 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Yes kittens are unpredictable, playful and precious. Luna has been and is still a great mother. Give her my compliments. Your cats are getting to be quite the climbers. My Runt (tabby yellow polydactyl cat) is also a great climber. Heck I saw him once on the rooftop of out backyard neighbor’s house. He had climbed the tree beside it and jumped on it and was just walking around surveying the territory and neighborhood. Too bad I did not have my phone then because I would have snatched a picture.

    • Thank you for commenting on all of them. I keep on having problems with too long of replies. The site locks up. I tried to answer all the comments in the last few days. Some just wont let me reply. Just thought id let you know. Thank you for everything!

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