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Just For Fun – This Year’s Fawns of the “Uptown Herd”

Where I live the deer just walk around town and hang around in our yards. My yard has a well established deer trail going through it. I have been doing some photographs of the deer because they are just hanging around for hours and I can’t help myself. Generally people here who take pictures of deer are tourists. The locals see deer every day, several times a day, all day long, etc… They trim the trees and bushes, eat all the fruit that hits the ground, and fertilize the grass. Everyone just leaves them alone.

I’m also collecting some footage to make a few little deer films later. I get lot’s of chances to film them right here at home. I’ve added a link to a bit of footage of a mom and her two fawns. It’s just a short bit of raw footage but it is interesting to watch.

Here’s the link – The Local Deer Footage


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