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Have I mentioned….

That owning a wolf hybrid can be challenging? I love her to pieces but…. She does have her specific needs, and when those basic needs are not met.. Well… This is what happens. This piece of art took about an hour, and I thought she was just out enjoying the morning..Laying in the sun, she loves to sun herself in the mornings before it gets too hot. 

She came inside and had brown paws.. I knew I was in trouble.. I almost didnt want to look…. 

#1 I saw this first..

That dirt belongs under the plant, not on it...

#2 Yes, I need to weed..

There are spiders up under these plants. I get scared weeding here in late summer. But anyway.. look at all the freshly tilled soil.. Who needs to till when you have a hybrid... 

I bet Norman's fabulous garden doesn't have a wolf.. Just sayin.. 

#3 My pretty pink bougainvillea..

But look closely, see the darkness in the photo? Meika has indeed been digging.. sighs.. 

So, if you don't get Miss wolfy out on her walks/runs, this is what happens. 

#4 How deep does it go?

You might be wondering how deep this goes.. It is about 2 feet deep and about 3 feet long. 

#5 She hasn’t made it to China yet..

I guess that's a good thing..

The reason she decided to go under the Bougainvillea is because I have a chicken wire fence buried under the soil on the left. I didn't think I would have to go behind this huge plant. They have pointy thorns ya know.. 

If you have any advice besides get your dog out more, I would like to hear them in the comment section. 

The reason I haven't been out with her is because the heat index is at a dangerous level.  I did cave in and took both of the dogs out for a long hike at 7am at a creek nearby the next day! 

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