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The ducks have been grown for thousands of years and probably for the first time in Southeast Asia. In Europe they are not as popular as chickens, while in China it is the opposite.

Female ducks are not very stubborn in egg hatching, so often their eggs are placed under a hen’s weft or incubators. However, small ducks that are grown outdoors and still have no feathers need fat from the gland over their mother’s tail so they do not get wet with water. Chickens do not have that much fat and can not provide them.

Growing up is good to have free access to water to keep them healthy. They should not eat bread because it is not nutritious enough for them and may be deadly for small ducklings. Upon swallowing, balls that can not be digested may be formed. Although rarely duodenal illness should be observed for avian influenza because of its particular susceptibility to this strain.

Ducks are very beautiful and fun, but they are very noisy and smell harder. There is no need to have a water object nearby to grow them, it is enough to have a large pot of water to dump their heads. They feed on the same food as chickens and are very useful if you have fallen fruits on the ground, bury them for a moment.

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