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Bluebird Blog 2018 ~ First Egg

I have decided to start a Bluebird blog, for those who are interested in following my backyard bluebird experience.

Today, on May 1st I went out to check the bluebird house to see if there was any news to report. Tah-dah there it was, the first bluebird egg in the backyard bluebird house. The eggs are about the size of a dime, very small like a jelly bean. It has made my day. I was so excited I could hardly take the photo. They finally finished the nest and decided it was time. I was getting impatient. But this happens every year. It will happen when the bluebirds decide it is time. 


The number of eggs a female bluebird will lay before her clutch is complete depends on several factors. The type of bluebird (mine are Eastern, usually laying 3-6 eggs), the weather, the availability of food (I keep mealworms closeby), and also age and experience (I have had young bluebirds who just went through the motions and never produced an egg). I have been doing this for seven years now and the average number of eggs is 4-5. They lay one egg per day. So, yes I am out there every day checking the box and taking photos. This must be done carefully and slowly. Stay tuned for updates!
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Bluebird flying high,
Tell me what you sing.
If you could talk to me,
What news would you bring
Of voices in the sky?
– The Moody Blues


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