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Big Beautiful Backyard Birds!

I have many different species of birds in my backyard. All seasons will bring birds, some friendly some not so friendly. The three I am sharing here are the largest. The Robin, Mockingbird and Blackbird. I see these three all year round. The Robin likes to eat worms and insects from the ground. They never eat from a feeder, but they enjoy the bird bath daily in the summer.

Mockingbirds will attempt to eat from all kinds of feeders. They are somewhat aggressive and try to take over the yard. Sometimes called a bully bird. What is amazing is they can “mock” any bird sound they hear. They can sound like all the other birds in the yard. Pretty cool.

The Blackbirds always come in flocks. They do not try to bully other birds but they do make a mess. I am changing the birdbath 2-3 times a day because of the Blackbirds. But they need water too. I have others I will share in another post. I really enjoy nature and bird life in my backyard.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. There are always a lot of birds on our yard, I don’t really know what kind except for the sparrows. I think I might have seen some mocking birds as well but thought they were another specie of sparrows. Hehehe

  2. I’m sure you live in an environment where the natural condition is relatively well preserved (and you are one of the sources of compassionate energy in it. Such energy is like an inviting magnet, and comforts all life that comes and dwells). I see from the photos you display, the natural aura is so beautiful, and you are able to capture and present it very well.