Dark eyed junco bird perched on the tree branch

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Birds of the Alphabet ~ Junco

Decided to share a bird I have never seen today as I continue with me Birds of the Alphabet series. 

Not my photo, as I have not had the chance to see these birds.


There are many types of Junco birds. The dark-eyed always gets my attention when I watch documentaries. And I think Georgi has shared this bird with us on Virily.

Dark-eyed juncos are unique sparrows that nest on or near the ground in forests. In winter, they typically form flocks and often associate with other species, including chipping sparrows, and palm warblers (in the southeastern United States.), and bluebirds. When disturbed the entire flock suddenly flies up to a tree, usually perching in the open and calling in aggravation at the intrusion. 

I see a lot of the chipping sparrows, and maybe these come through during their winter migration unnoticed. I will keep my eye out for these since I now know they are common in my world.

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