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5 advices of how to make your home interior more comfortable and cozy

Home comfort can be provided by at first glance elementary things. The genius lies precisely in simple ideas.
  • The interior must be created for oneself, not for others. 

To create an interior alone to make an impression or to cherish your loved ones or family members is one of the worst intentions. Choose what you like and just the practical things. After all, a carpet of a light color in the anteroom, if you go for jogging or take a dog for a walk every morning is not the best solution.
  •  Create a playful mood. 

Small apartments look good in bright colors. If all the walls and details are only 2 colors – the atmosphere will be boring and artificial. Light-colored furniture such as chairs, tables can be accentuated. You can also use textiles decorated with bold patterns. Do not be afraid to colorfully decorate the children’s room: make colorful walls, do not overlook cute details.
  • Discover harmony. 

To create a relaxing space at home, it is recommended to use warm shades. For comfort, walls and ceilings are best painted in light colors, while the floors should be darker. Lighting is especially important. Do not be afraid to install several types of lighting: not only in ceilings, but also use torches, desk lamps. Better 4 lower-intensity bulbs that can be joined in pairs or a one at a different location than a one bright lamp in the center.
  • Smooth item layout.

Ideally, when you use of the entire area of the room, up to the ceiling. However, if there are things in a high place and looking at them you have to constantly raise your head – TVs, photos, travel souvenirs, this will give you a feeling of discomfort. Relax both you and your guests’ neck muscles and find correct places below the eye level for frequently used items.
  • Emotional Design Concept.

Ideally, every area of the apartment or home is decorated with a new color. In the apartment or in the house, each functional area must have its dominant color gamut.

For example, the corridor may be lighter, the bedroom – blue tone, the kitchen – a green, warmer shade. In each room, the primary color must be supplemented with other colors and lighting accents. It is important to choose the right floor. The oak or pine tone creates an impression of order and sustainability. On the walls can be graphic elements, and the ceiling – white. Even the most luxurious items, souvenirs or contrasting colors will not look good if there are too many of them.

For every detail to be revealed, space is needed, and these should be the main rule of home decor.


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Written by Fortune

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