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Australian Cattle Dog

Our dog Frani was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer(insulinuma) 2 weeks ago. She’s fighting for her life. She’s on 3 very expensive holistic cancer treatments. She’s Australian Cattle dog about 12 years of age. She’s the best dog a person could ever ask for and we love her so much. Her favourite thing to do was play ball, and she loved to play hide-n-seek. She was always full of energy and kind to everyone and everything. We are not yet ready to say goodbye. Please pray that god will grant her a full recovery or healing. Thank you all so much!


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  1. I came to this late and I don’t know if she gets well yet but my prayers are with you and her! I believe that there is a dog for everyone or every family! Things seemed to just work out better when we find the right pet..That is how Capone is to us, because during my life time, we always have dogs but none worked out as Capone is! He fits in with us like a glove!

  2. We owned an Australian Cattle dog named Gwen. She joined our family in Cincinnati Ohio and 16 years later left us in Greenwood Indiana. In between, we were entertained, comforted and loved by one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. My heart goes out to you.

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