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A seagull resting for a drink

I was sitting in the garden earlier on this afternoon reading my book and enjoying the hot weather.  According to the forecast, it has been a stunning 28 degrees today here in England.  The hottest day of the year so far.  And while I was siting there, I noticed this seagull fly down into my bird bath and start drinking the water.  Luckily I had my phone with me so I quickly took a few snaps of him/her.  I wonder how you tell the sex of a bird?  I thought it was quite interesting watching them drink the water.  He seemed to enjoy paddling in it too.  During these hot days I always make sure the bird bath is topped up with water so the birds can get a drink.  I have bird food on next to the table too so they can get food.

The video below is one I took several years ago now of a seagull looking for worms and eating them.  I find it amazing how these birds quickly learn now to look for food.  They are rather quite clever.  Of course, not just seagulls, but all birds in general are rather quite clever.  I hope wherever you are in the world, the weather is getting nice and warm now.


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  1. that is a wonderful capture. When I lived in Latvia seagulls kept to the river and the sea. We had all kinds of birds come into our garden but no seagulls. Then one day a gull must have lost its way and as I walked out of the house there was a gull on our garage. I thought I was seeing things. It only came once and just as quickly left again.


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