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7 Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls Every One Should Know

Hello there! Ready to learn something new about this magnificent breed? Hm, I think today is perfect time for that. Below you can see some interesting facts which will change your thinking about this breed. Most of the people all around the world think that these dogs are very dangerous and aggressive, but the real true is different. Don’t lose time and check out these stunning facts below. Feel free to vote for your favorite facts or photo and forget to share with your friends. Have a nice day 🙂


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Written by Nik


  1. I had a beautiful pit/lab mix! She was lovely and outgoing, loved everyone. I used to take her everywhere that I went in the car at night. Unfortunately there’s such bad opinions on this breed! She jumped on a neighbor while with my child, she only wanted to give kisses, but the lady had money and told lies to have her taken away.