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7 Common Guinea Pig Care Mistakes

Hello to all guinea pig lovers ? If you have or you recently decided to adopt a guinea pig, now is the perfect time to know something about taking proper care of them. These little creatures are absolutely wonderful pets for your and your family. So, if you want to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy you will need to read this interesting paragraphs below.

Have a nice day and enjoy reading all these common care mistakes. Feel free to share with your friends and don’t forget to adopt a guinea pig πŸ™‚


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Written by Nik


  1. I have two guinea boys that I love. The only thing I fall short of on your list is nail clipping.(I must see to this) I was also told by the breeder I bought them from they are prone to overheating in hot weather although very tolerant of the cold and they hate the rain.

  2. We had 2 little guinea pigs for quite a while. I loved to take them outside to play in the grass when the weather was nice. They enjoyed hiding under bushes!! I had an outside gated pen so that they could have freedom and not get far from me!!