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Words beginning with B

How good is your vocabulary? Here is a quiz about words beginning with the letter B. Which one is the correct definition?

  • Baaskap

    • A hat worn in the Netherlands
    • The principle behind the policy of Apartheid formerly folloed in south Africa
    • A wild pig found in parts of Africa
  • Baccarat

    • A gambling card game
    • A wild drunken party
    • An academic qualification
  • Backbencher

    • A yoga pose
    • A Member of Parliament who does not hold an official position
    • A piece of furniture that has multiple seating positions
  • Beestings

    • Injuries caused by insects
    • A by-product of commercial honey production
    • The first milk secreted by certain mammals after giving birth
  • Behemoth

    • A large beast mentioned in the Bible
    • A flying insect that is only found in caves
    • A general term for damage caused to clothes that have badly stored
  • Bilabial

    • An edible berry found in Northern Europe
    • A consonant pronounced by closing or rounding both lips
    • A mathematical term involving two variables
  • Bildungsroman

    • A style of architecture
    • A palace official in ancient Italy
    • A biographical novel
  • Blackbutt

    • A water container
    • A method for expelling an unwanted member from a club
    • A eucalyptus tree
  • Boodle

    • A sewing needle
    • A rapier formerly used in duelling
    • Corruptly obtained money
  • Buttery

    • A student bar or shop
    • Gaining favours through unfair means
    • A bird of prey found in south-east Asia

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