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This is not musical chairs but naming the chairs game

You must be having atleast one of those chairs in your household.  All seem comfortable to me but to each their own.

That does not mean you have not seen them in show rooms or  you may have even seen them being used by your friends and family.

So here goes. Just name what you see.

Good Luck.

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    Would you know the name of this chair?

    • Corner chair
    • Cogswell Chair
    • Comfy chair
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    Interesting name this one has. What is it?

    • Oval Chair
    • Tub Chair
    • Casual chair
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    Looks quite comfortable. It has a name too

    • High rise chair
    • Lawson
    • Upholstered
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    Those with a back issue would like this. But they should know what it is called. Do you know that it is called?

    • Tall back
    • Fan Back
    • High Back
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    You need a different decor for this. Quite a pricey one it looks like. It has a name too e

    • Charles of London
    • Queen Victoria
    • Princess Anne
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    I love its back. Well thought out design. It could also have a nice name. What is it?

    • Tea time
    • Coffee time
    • Shell
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    That looks interesting.

    • Table top
    • Cock Fight
    • Tray top
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    Would love to have this. Cute and private. But surely it has name too?

    • Bachlelor’s
    • Corner
    • Angular


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