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The Quiz about Plants and Friends

Plants are such interesting living things … They’re living but they are almost inanimated; they do not crave for attention like other creatures (esp pets) … They just do their things and grow.

There are lots of beautiful plants and insects/animals photos being posted on Virily daily, and so I thought why not a quiz about these lovely plants and the little friends around them?

  • Question of

    Most plants obtain their energy through photosynthesis,

    • using light and carbon dioxide to synthesize food
    • using light, water and oxygen to synthesize food
    • using light, water and carbon dioxide to synthesize food
  • Question of

    Which of these is NOT true of Brown algae?

    • One of its extract is used in lithium-ion batteries
    • One of its extract has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects
    • Brown algae produce a specific type of tannin called Sargachromanol G
    • The body of all brown algae is termed a Thallus
    • All are true.
  • Question of

    The tundra is cold year-round—it has short cool summers and long, severe winters. Plant life is tundra is dominated by mosses, grasses, and sedges.

    • Yes
    • wer
  • Question of

    Which of these are PESTS?

    • Ground Beetles
    • Syrphid Flies
    • Whitefly
    • Minute Pirate Bugs
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Approximately __ plants are carnivorous

    • 560
    • 590
    • 600
    • 630
  • Question of

    All green plants photosynthesize.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Black grass-dart butterfly is the largest butterfly in the world. The species is endangered

    • sf
    • d
  • Question of

    This plant is Lunaria biennis as known as Moonwort and Money Plant.

    • No
    • j
    • Yes
  • Question of

    Saccharum officinarum is a plant that I most of us have ingested its main product, which is …

    • Chili Sauce/Powder
    • Sugar
    • Pepper
    • Fries/Chips
  • Question of

    Butterflies are capable of moving pollen over greater distances than bees

    • f
    • e


What do you think?

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