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The Latest in Food and Drink! Where are these active Virilians?

You can find them in the Food and Drink Category right here on Virily!  

When you get done go check them out! 

Now for the game: You can also find 10 of these active member’s names hidden in the 10 photographs below. 

I used last weeks evening walk for this set. 

I also used a font called, Curlz MT for all of the hidden names. 

Good luck and have fun. 

Make sure you zoom! 

  • Question of

    Alibb’s name is hidden where?

    • Right
    • Left
  • Question of

    Andria Perry’s name is _________.

    • Top
    • Bottom
  • Question of

    Where did I hide ellie925’s name?

    • The sky
    • The hill
    • The yellow-green cattails/reeds
  • Question of

    Fifi Leigh’s name is hidden _____________.

    • On the guy
    • In the brown dirt of the path
    • On the border of the path
  • Question of

    What color is Ghostwriter’s name?

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Tan
  • Question of

    marija64’s font is bigger than the dog, what color is it in?

    • Yellow/Green
    • Dark Emerald Green
    • Light Sage Green
    • Black and Tan
  • Question of

    Where did I hide mrki’s name?

    • On the maple tree in the middle
    • On the tree trunk of that maple tree.
    • On the dog.
    • On the path.
  • Question of

    What color is Natalie’s name in?

    • Light Green
    • Bright Green
    • Purple
    • Dark Green
  • Question of

    Rex Trulove’s name is so small you can barely see it. True or False

    • True, it must be.
    • False, it’s huge.
  • Question of

    Valenciaiglesia’s name is in bright neon green! True of False

    • True
    • False


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Great score again! Oh no, I hope it wasnt green or blue that would of been confusing right? lol Thank you, I planned on there being differences in shades, that’s why the multiple answers weren’t close to any brown grey, tan. There was one with diffrent shades of green, thats the one I was worried about. Thank you for pointing this out! πŸ™‚

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