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Random Personality Test: What kind of eater are you?

You expected this right? One of my random and highly inaccurate personality quiz! LOL


We call our customers, “eaters”… because … they eat LOL

I’ll think there are MANY kinds of eaters. Some are … picky, some are nice, while some are just weird …

So yeah, what kind of eater are you?

Note: This personality quiz is highly inaccurate and strictly just for fun :p

  • Question of

    You saw a looooong queue that you can’t see where it starts, you…

    • Follow the line to see what its for
    • I don’t like to queue!
    • Join the queue!
  • Question of

    What is your kitchen like?

    • What is a kitchen?
    • Oh, the place I boil water?
    • Wait, my turkey is ready!
    • What’s that smell?
    • oh, the place we gossip and play poker!!
  • Question of


    • $20, add cheese = $21. Waiting time = 30 mins.
    • $25, add cheese = $27. Waiting time = 27 mins.
  • Question of

    You drove 40 minute to your favourite restaurant only to find out that it has close…

    • Never mind, I’ve a list of things I wanna do in the area too!
    • Just get anything around there
    • Drive to another place to have the same cuisine you wanted
    • Erm… why am I here?
  • Question of

    Your delivery arrived like this …

    • … … Did you wash his hands before he took that?
    • Erm, yeah, it’s usually like this!
    • Call in and complain!!
    • Who cares! It’s my neighbour’s!
    • He deserve one for his hardwork!
  • Question of

    Your water bottle dropped and tumbled down a long flight of stairs (more than 100 steps)…

    • I’ll just buy another one!
    • NOOOOO!!!! Runs after the bottle
    • What, was it even mine?
    • I don’t bring water bottle!
  • Question of

    What is the 1st food store nearest to your house?

    • Huh? Is there any?
    • The one with the 2x2cm signboard?
    • I prefer the one 2 streets away!
    • Erm… err… uh … ?????
  • Question of

    You’re walking down the street at night when an alien approach you…

    • You’ve a cigarette?
    • Do you remember what day it is?
    • What a nice starry sky!
    • Do you enjoy human flesh too?


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Written by alibb

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