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 Quiz: South African English – Test your Knowledge of it!

Although English is just one of 11 official languages in South Africa, it is understood in most urban areas and is the dominant language in government and the media. Due to its long exposure to other languages, South African English has incorporated many borrowed terms. Some of these have been fully naturalised, while some slang terms hover on the edge of respectability. See how many of these terms you can understand. Please share with us how you get on 🙂

Note: Don’t ignore the pictures!

  • Question of


    • Mountain
    • Field
    • Ice-cream
  • Question of


    • Valley
    • Flat grassland
    • Felt
  • Question of


    • Chewing gum
    • Broad-rimmed hat
    • Friend
  • Question of


    • No!
    • Yes!
    • Not on your life!
  • Question of


    • Underwear
    • Deep suntan
    • Barbecue
  • Question of


    • Nice
    • Sticky
    • Enormous
  • Question of


    • Shabbily dressed girl
    • Unlicensed bar
    • Local style of dance music
  • Question of


    • Ouch!
    • At last!
    • Wrong!
  • Question of


    • Nightclub
    • Extra-long glass for beer
    • Hangover
  • Question of


    • Baby
    • Motorcycle
    • Shared taxi
  • Question of


    • Disgusting
    • Pleasurable
    • Unbelievable
  • Question of


    • Beggar
    • Strong cocktail
    • Sandwich filled with chips (fries) and other ingredients


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