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A Quick Quiz about South Africa

South Africa is well known for its leading statesman Nelson Mandela, its wildlife, and excellent climate. We also just happen to make the best...

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Love Is

Love, it makes your heart soar. It will have you flying close to the sun, basking in its all embracing warmth. You can’t sleep,...

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The Neanderthal in You

Say hello to the Neanderthal in you. People of non-African ancestry, Europeans and especially Asians, have Neanderthal genes in their DNA, which means about...

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An Ode to Dimebag Darrell, One of the Best Guitarists Ever

December 8 marks the day Nathan Gale went onstage and shot Pantera's guitarist Dimebag Darrell in the head five times. I thought I’d say...

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The Foundry

I am by no means an arty person, but sometimes I just draw what comes to my mind, especially after I have read, or...

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A Quick Quiz about South Africa

Love Is

The Neanderthal in You

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