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Robin Biznis 23 April,2019 Belgrade, Serbia

In this quiz you will be asked relatively easy questions from different areas of life.

Three answers are given, just one is true.In order to achieve a good result, be careful.

I hope you have a lot of knowledge.I also believe that they will teach you new things and that you will have good fun.

Happy with the quiz.

  • Question of

    At the end of the year, the construction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, was completed.

    • 1340 year
    • 1345 year
    • 1350 year
  • Question of

    Which writer wrote the novel “Blue Dog Eyes”?

    • Gabriel José García Márquez
    • Jerome David Selinger
    • Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
  • Question of

    What was by profession newly elected president of Ukraine?

    • An actor
    • Singer
    • Comedian
  • Question of

    Which years was President USA Richard Milhous Nixon resigning for Affair Watergate?

    • 1973 Year
    • 1974 year
    • 1975 year
  • Question of

    How is the name of the city in which Romeo and Juliet loved themselves after the tragedy written by the great English writer William Shakespeare?

    • Roma
    • Verona
    • Venice
  • Question of

    Do you know what the state of Japan is by state regulation?

    • Republic
    • Kingdom
    • Emperor
  • Question of

    Whose bone do we give the parrot to strengthen your bill?

    • Cuttlefish bone
    • Beef bone
    • Chicken bone
  • Question of

    You who follow me now have the easiest question. What is the name of the capital of Serbia?

    • New Sad
    • Pozarevac
    • Belgrade
  • Question of

    And one difficult question for the end.What’s the name of the capital of Greenland?

    • Nuk
    • Sisimjut
    • Какорток


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