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Quiz: From my Haiku Bookshelf

For all you haiku fiends! I put this quiz together by picking up books from my haiku bookshelf strategically situated just above the computer. Dive right in and see what happens πŸ™‚

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  • Question of

    In 1981 Hiroaki Sato and Burton Watson published an iconic anthology of Japanese poetry, titled, “From the Country of ___ ___”

    • Eight Islands
    • Ten Islands
    • The Rising Sun
  • Question of

    Makoto Ueda’s 1999 anthology of premodern Japanese senryu is titled, “Light Verse from the ___ ___”

    • Far East
    • Floating World
    • Pure Land
  • Question of

    Which Israeli scholar published “Japanese Death Poems – written by Zen Monks and Haiku Poets on the verge of death” (1986)?

    • Elisha Qimron
    • Moshe Bar-Asher
    • Yoel Hoffmann
  • Question of

    Hiroaki Sato’s 1983 book subtitled “From Renga to Haiku to English” has the title “One Hundred ____”

    • Blossoms
    • Islands
    • Frogs
  • Question of

    Who was the first translator into English of Matsuo Basho’s haibun masterpiece “Oku no Hosomichi”, as “Narrow Road to the Deep North” (1966)?

    • Earl Miner
    • Nobuyuki Yuasa
    • R. H. Blyth
  • Question of

    In 2008, Jane Reichhold published the complete haiku of which poet?

    • Jane Reichhold
    • Masaoka Shiki
    • Matsuo Basho
  • Question of

    What term does Robin Gill use to describe his particular style of translating haiku, whereby he provides multiple possible outcomes?

    • Paraverse
    • Multiverse
    • Omniverse
  • Question of

    Gill’s 480-page 2003 book of translated holothurian haiku is titled “Rise, ye ____ ____!”

    • Corn Crakes
    • Sea Slugs
    • Factory Workers
  • Question of

    The journal “Vuursteen” is jointly published by the national haiku organisations of Netherlands and Belgium. What does the title mean in English?

    • Firefly
    • Nightingale
    • Flint
  • Question of

    William J Higginson’s 1996 “Haiku World” was the first substantial collection in English of seasonal terms used in haiku together with sample poems. Such a collection is known as a ____”

    • Kiyose
    • Saijiki
    • Kigon
  • Question of

    Which American haikuist edited all three editions of “The Haiku Anthology” (1974, 1986, 1999)?

    • Cor van den Heuvel
    • William J Higginson
    • Marlene Mountain
  • Question of

    Haruo Shirane’s 1998 work subtitled “Landscape, cultural memory, and the poetry of Basho” takes its title from one of its subject’s poems. What is it?

    • The Man Next Door
    • On a Withered Moor
    • Traces of Dreams
  • Question of

    Patricia Donegan’s 1998 book subtitled “Woman Haiku Master” is about which poet?

    • Chiyo-ni
    • Sugita Hisajo
    • Inahata Teiko
  • Question of

    Makoto Ueda’s 1992 book wherein he presents Basho’s hokku together with a range of commentaries on each poem is called “Basho and his ____”

    • Disciples
    • Interpreters
    • Commentators
  • Question of

    The title of the 1691 Basho-school anthology, “Sarumino”, is often translated as “Monkey’s ____”?

    • Satchel
    • Straw hut
    • Raincoat
  • Question of

    Matsuo Basho died in which year?

    • 1049
    • 1694
    • 1964


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    • Japanese haiku traditionally have just one line comprising three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 Japanese syllables. Haiku in English have been normally written free-form for several decades, and this is true for translations into English too.

    • Thanks for having a go at it, DW! It’s a tough one for anyone not familiar with the literature in question. The results not tabulating appears to be an ongoing problem. Advice from support is (as usual) to clear your cache, but it’s not working for me πŸ™

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