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The Haiku and Haikai Quiz

Know your haiku from your limerick? Your tanka from your sonnet? The quiz is about Japanese haiku and haikai since Basho‘s time. Give it a go!

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    Which verse-form evolved into the modern haiku?

    • hokku
    • haikai
    • waka
    • tanka
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    The four haiku ‘masters’ are usually said to be Basho, Issa, Shiki and who?

    • Boncho
    • Chiyo-ni
    • Buson
    • Kikaku
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    Which verse form is similar to haiku but focuses on human foibles?

    • haikai
    • tanku
    • maeku
    • senryu
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    Basho’s favoured poetic form was

    • choka
    • waka
    • tanka
    • haikai-no-renga
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    The final ‘side’ of a renga is known as…

    • jo
    • kyu
    • ha
    • hya
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    What is the term for a work combining a haiku with a painting or drawing?

    • haikai
    • haibun
    • haiga
    • wakiku
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    In renku, what does ‘tsukeku’ mean?

    • the current verse
    • the first verse of the side
    • the previous-but-one verse
    • the preceding verse
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    The word ‘hana’ means ‘flower,’ but in Japanese poetry, unless it is qualified, it means…

    • plum blossom
    • roses
    • rape flowers
    • cherry blossom
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    What is the term for a word or phrase indicating a specific season?

    • kireji
    • tsuki
    • kigo
    • ya
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    One of the most common ‘cutting words’ occurs at the end of a haiku or hokku. It is…

    • ya
    • ka
    • kana
    • onji
  • Question of

    The mention of a moon, unless qualified, indicates what season?

    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • new year
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    What is a saijiki?

    • a classical renga master
    • a book of season words with sample poems
    • a place traditionally associated with poetry
    • a walk during which one composes poetry
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    What is the term for a 36-verse renku?

    • hyakuin
    • junicho
    • nijuin
    • kasen
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    Whose most famous verse begins, ‘furuike ya’?

    • Shiki
    • Basho
    • Buson
    • Kyoshi


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  1. I have to skip the quiz part since I don’t know anything about haiku. Many of my friends wrote haiku, but it is just not clicked with me.
    (Sorry for the late visit, my mom was in the hospital since Thursday night!)

  2. It took a day to even take this one, I kept passing it on. These are so not my strong point. I got 6 out of 14. Most were guesses. I thought Haiku was a kind of sauce. haha. Oh and #8 Rape flower, very violent flowers huh? lol Grape it what I think you meant, but who knows. One of the great typos ever, and fun quiz.

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