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How much do you know about Star Trek?

In 2009, Star Trek made the most successful and smoothest film reboot ever. Using  the original Mr. Spock to travel back in time thus creating a new time line, the 2009 film could as be both sequel and a prequel to the original movies.

The franchise created a cult phenomenon, calling the followers as Trekkies or Trekkers. Are you a Trekkier?  Let’s find out.

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    Who is the creator of Star Trek?

    • George Lucas
    • Gene Roddenberry
    • James Cameron
  • Question of

    Who was the original Capt. James T. Kirk

    • William Shatner
    • Kirk Douglas
    • James Dean
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    What is the name of space exploration vessel used by Kirk and his crew?

    • USS Nimitz
    • USS Eisenhower
    • USS Enterprise
  • Question of

    Who was the actor that originally played Mr. Spock?

    • Leonard Nimoy
    • Zachary Quinto
    • Rowan Atikinson
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    Mr. Spock is a half Vulcan and half ___________

    • Romulan
    • Jedi
    • Human
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    The ‘T’ in James T. Kirk stands for

    • Tiberian
    • Todd
    • Tiberius
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    What year was the first TV series released?

    • 1966
    • 1976
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    Mr. Sulu is USS Enterprise’s what?

    • Helm;
    • Helmsman or pilot
    • Chief Engineer
    • Security Officer
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    Who is the ship’s communication officer?

    • Ohara
    • Sahara
    • Uhura
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    What is the race of the recurring antagonist in the original series?

    • Predators
    • Klingons
    • Romulans
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    What is the famous Vulcan blessing accompanied by the Vulcan salute?

    • Good luck.
    • Have a nice day.
    • Live long and prosper!


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