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How much do you know about the county of Norfolk?

Norfolk is a county in the east of England. It is such a beautiful country and attracts thousands of visitors every year with the famous cathedral in Norwich and the beautiful coastline and the city of Norwich.  Have you ever visited Norfolk before?  And of course, Horatio Nelson was born and bred in Norfolk! How much do you know about Norfolk?

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    What is the name of Norfolks famous waterways?

    • The Norfolk Broads
    • River Thurne
    • Mutford Lock
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    Which River runs through the city of Norwich?

    • The River Wensum
    • The River Yare
    • River Chet
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    What is the name of the classic sitcom from the 60’s & 70’s was filmed in and around Norfolk and Thetford?

    • Dads Army
    • The Liver Birds
    • Man About the House
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    How many adjoining counties does Norfolk share a boundary with?

    • 3
    • 2
    • 1
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    Where was Horatio Nelson born?

    • Dereham
    • Burnham Thorpe
    • Wroxham
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    How many miles does the Norfolk coastline stretch for?

    • 50
    • 100
    • 200
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    What is a Bishy Barnabee?

    • Bumble bee
    • Lady Bird/Lady Bug
    • Catterpillar
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    Where is Norfolk lavender located?

    • Heacham
    • Cromer
    • Great Yarmouth
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    Which British butterfly can only be found in the Norfolk Broads?

    • Brown Argus
    • The Swallowtail
    • Dingy Skipper
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    What is Norwich City Football clubs mascot?

    • The Starling
    • The Canary
    • The BlueBird


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