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Minecraft Gameplay Quiz

Have you ever played Minecraft? It’s been one of the most popular videogames so far, over 91 million people play it monthly! It’s available on all devices and suitable for all ages.

The simple graphics don’t matter, Minecraft allows you to play for endless hours: you’re completely free to create the adventure you want, whenever you want!

Test your knowledge about this game with this quiz. Here are 14 questions concerning crafting, survival and more.

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    What type of wood is this door made of?

    • Oak
    • Dark Oak
    • Spruce
  • Question of

    Can zombies destroy wooden doors?

    • No way
    • Yes, but only in hard mode
    • Yes, in all game modes
  • Question of

    Which of these meats can inflict food poisoning if eaten raw?

    • Rabbit
    • Chicken
    • Mutton
  • Question of

    Where do you find llamas?

    • Mountains and savanna
    • Mountains and desert
    • Mountains and plains
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    What allows you to obtain green dye?

    • Tall grass
    • Cactus
    • Creeper
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    What animal do skeletons sometimes ride?

    • Spider
    • Wolf
    • Sheep
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    Which of these objects does NOT require redstone to be crafted?

    • Compass
    • Note Block
    • Jukebox
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    What do you need in order to craft chain armor?

    • Stone
    • Iron
    • You can’t craft chain armor
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    Which of these fish you will NOT find on Minecraft?

    • Tuna
    • Salmon
    • Pufferfish
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    What do you need in order to craft a golden apple?

    • Golden ingots
    • Golden nuggets
    • Blaze powder
  • Question of

    Which food do mooshrooms eat?

    • Mushroom
    • Apple
    • Wheat
  • Question of

    What are Endermen scared of?

    • Water
    • Light
    • Pumpkins
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    How many Overworld blocks does a Nether block correspond to (in terms of distance)?

    • 8
    • 16
    • 32
  • Question of

    What happens if you attempt to sleep in the Nether?

    • You get a message that says it is not possible
    • The bed explodes
    • The bed gets on fire


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