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Macro Monday Find the Difference Game

For this game I used macros or close up shots! 

Inside there are ten photographs and ten edits that are side by side. The one on the left is the original, the one on the right is the edited version.

 Some may be easy some may be difficult. In some I have added things, or taken things away. Some have objects bigger or smaller, some may even have a color change somewhere. 

Your task is to find out what I have done, or where the edit is located by answering the multiple choice questions. The answers will give you clues. Make sure you read all of them before answering.

Enlarge for an easier hunt! Good luck and have fun

  • Question of

    Is this edit on the right hand side of the frame or the left?

    • The right hand side.
    • The left hand side.
  • Question of

    Did I add something or take something away?

    • You added something on the top.
    • You added something on the bottom.
    • You took away something from the top.
    • You took away something from the bottom.
  • Question of

    What color is the edit located on?

    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • White
  • Question of

    I took away something from the bottom. True or False?

    • False, the edit is in the bottom.
    • True, it’s on the bottom.
    • True, it’s on the top.
    • False, the edit is on the top.
  • Question of

    Where is this edit located?

    • Top right hand corner.
    • Top left hand corner.
    • Dead Center
  • Question of

    Which kitten has been edited?

    • The one on the left.
    • The one on the right.
  • Question of

    Something missing or added?

    • Missing
    • Added
  • Question of

    The edit is almost dead center. True or False?

    • True, it is.
    • False, it’s on the very bottom.
  • Question of

    What color is the edit?

    • Orange/Red
    • Green/Blue
  • Question of

    Can you look at this long enough to find the edit?

    • Yes, it’s more on the top than the bottom.
    • Yes, it’s in the sun, and part of the horizon.
    • No is not an option. I am very sorry.
    • Both number 1 and 2.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I’ve always failed at these quizzes. I mean, if there’s an edit, obviously, something’s changed. But how is it that it’s not changed in the original image? Also, if there’s an edit, and I get the wrong answer, how is it that it’s indeed the wrong one and the other image is original… lots of questions… LOL!!!

    • For the quizzes/games, I show you two side by side photographs. The one one the left is the original. I upload the photographs I take onto my computer, and put it into an editing program. I may take something away or add something. Sometimes I might change to color of something, or make something bigger or smaller. Your job is to find out what I have done by looking at the second picture (the edit on the right) and compare it to my original photograph (on the left)and pick the correct answer. I will ask where the edit was, or what color I changed etc. in the multiple choice answers. They also hold clues. I hope this explains it.

      • This definitely explains. Because what you said here is that the left image is the original one. Maybe, it’s your style of working to keep all the original work to the left. So, it’s easy to remember always. Now next time you put a quiz like that, I’m surely going to come out with a better score (hopefully… hahaha).

        • Yes! You got it sir!! Next one you will understand much better. Sorry again if it was confusing. Yes, I usually keep the original on the left. The next one is Wacky Wednesday color crazy green find the difference. I tried to make it easier for you especially. I put the words original and edit above each one and tried to explain it better in the wording. Thank you for your help.

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