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Indian cuisine and their main ingredients

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy Indian desserts and sweets.  Each State has its own speciality.  The one that rules the roost is West Bengal when it comes to sweets. Given here are a few famous desserts and sweets of India.  You need to answer questions against each of them. Good Luck

  • What is the main ingredient of Rasgulla

    • milk
    • semolina
    • mawa
  • What is the main ingredient in jalebi

    • gram flour
    • maida
    • semolina
  • What is the main ingredient of these ladoos

    • cashew nuts
    • almonds
    • coconut
  • What is this halwa made from?

    • banana
    • rice
    • wheat
  • Something special in this falooda. What is it?

    • jelly
    • basil seeds
    • kulfi
  • What is the flavour in the gulab jamum syrup

    • No flavour
    • cardamom
    • cardamom and rose waterrr
  • Kheer is made of?

    • rice
    • coconut juice
    • maida
  • What is the main ingredient of this burfi?

    • coconut
    • jaggery
    • cocoa powder

What do you think?

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