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Idioms with body parts

Every part of our body features in idioms that we use in our day to day communications. Idioms do add the kind of flavour that define good writings. This quiz is not a tongue in cheek quiz but simple and straight forward. 

As usual options will be provided.  You just choose the right one.

Go for it smacking your lips

  • Question of

    What is that idiom used to be observant; watch out for something

    • Keep eye open
    • Keep eye peeled
    • keep a sharp eye
  • Question of

    The idiom ‘Leg up’ what does it mean?

    • Get ready to kick
    • Get ready to dance
    • Give something a boost
  • Question of

    Superficial, empty talk – what could the idiom be? Fill in the blank All Mouth And No …………

    • brain
    • trousers
    • pants
  • Question of

    What does the expression ‘Arm Candy’ mean?

    • A woman accompanied by a strong man
    • A woman wearing an expensive amulet
    • A woman with her young partner
  • Question of

    Someone who is extremely timid

    • blue bellied
    • green bellied
    • yellow bellied
  • Question of

    Taking a drink

    • wet one’s throat
    • wet one’s whistle
    • wet one’s tongue
  • Question of

    Getting rid of anger by attacking someone or something

    • Vent one’s bile
    • Vent one’s spleen
    • Vent one’s liver
  • Question of

    Concerned about oneself rather than spending time for more important issues

    • Contemplates one’s navel
    • Contemplates one’s toe
    • Contemplates one’s eye lid


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