How much do you know the Latin proverbs?

Robin Biznis June 30.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

Proverbs have become commonplace in our speech and we often use them.

See the most interesting Latin proverbs and utterances.

You are asked to determine the exact meaning of the proverb.

Thank you and enjoy!

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    .Alea iacta est!

    • Cube is thrown!
    • A friend is half the soul.
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    Acta, non verba

    • Work, do not say.
    • Happiness helps the brave.
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    Divide et impera

    • Divide and Conquer.
    • Today me, tomorrow, to you.
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    Homo homini lupus est

    • Hand of my hand
    • The man is a man’s wolf
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    Lupus in fabula

    • We’re about a wolf, and a wolf on the door.
    • Death is the last truth.
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    Omnia mea mecum porto

    • Do not throw the pearls in front of the pigs
    • I carry my whole life with me.
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    Scio nihil scio.

    • I know that I do not know anything
    • He is a blacksmith of his fortune.
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    Veni, vidi, vici

    • I came I saw I conquered
    • Through thorns to stars.


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  1. Five out of ten on this quiz. I remember the last Latin proverb since I watched baseball games on cable television. The phrase was used by fans of the San Francisco Giants baseball team when they played their baseball games at Candlestick Park when the weather was either very windy and cold. The fans used that phrase to indicate their support for their local baseball team before they moved to A T & T Park a few years ago.