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Increasing Your Vocabulary: Nudiustertian

Nudiustertian is a word that has a different meaning than most people might think by just looking at it. However, it is still a useful word to know.

The word is pronounced “new-dee-uhs-TUR-shun” and it has been in use since the mid-1600’s. Nudistertian is a word that comes from Latin. Specifically, it comes from “nudius tertius”, which means “today is the third day”.

You might wonder what the word means. The word isn’t very much different than the translation of the Latin. It is an adjective that means, “relating to the day before yesterday”. This is where the ‘third day’ comes into play.

I might use the word like this: “The nudiustertian day dawned cloudy and rainy, but today it is sunny with only a few small clouds.”

Considering that people do indeed talk about (and write about) things pertaining to the day before yesterday, this can be a useful word to have in your vocabulary.

Although the word isn’t commonly used today, it is still a valid word and it does have a good meaning.


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Written by Rex Trulove