Holy Moses

Moses must be the most famous of all the patriarchs of Israel. His job was not an easy one. He was to deliver Israelites from the oppression of Egyptians and take them to the promised land.

We hereby present a quiz about him. Quiz it. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Who was the mother of Moses?

    • Jechobed
    • Mary
    • Miriam
    • Salome
  • Question of

    Who was the father of Moses?

    • Joseph
    • Amran
    • joheshophath
    • Jethro
  • Question of

    Who gave Moses his name?

    • Pharaoh’s daughter
    • Moses’ parents
    • God
    • Pharaoh
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    Why was Moses told to remove his shoes at the burning bush?

    • They were dirty
    • You come before God bare-feeted
    • Shoes represented sins
    • it is a mirth
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    Moses is a synonym for…

    • holy
    • moss
    • fins
    • fish
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    Who was the sister of Moses?

    • Martha
    • Mary
    • Salome
    • Miriam
  • Question of

    When the presence of God passed before Moses as he hid in a rock, what happened to him?

    • his face shined
    • he died
    • he became deaf and dumb
    • he broke the ten commandments
  • Question of

    Why did the Israelites took too long going to the promised land?

    • they got lost in the wilderness
    • they followed the clowd and pillar of fire which misled them
    • God made them go round and round so that they were not to go back to Egyot if they found problems
    • wars and uprisinguprisings prevented them
  • Question of

    Where did Moses’ body disappear

    • Mt. Carmel
    • Mt. Ararat
    • Mt. Sinai
    • Mt. Horeb
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    Why did Moses never entered the promised land?

    • God did not allow him
    • He was too old
    • Joshua and Caleb were better leaders
    • He was cowardly and escaped


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      • There is no more evidence for the existence of Moses than there is for that of Achilles or Odysseus! That is the nature of myth – old stories are passed down by word of mouth through the generations until eventually somebody writes them down. There is absolutely no proof of their original truth.

          • The ancient Egyptians were meticulous recorders of everything that happened in Egypt, yet there is not a single mention of Israelite slaves leaving en masse or even of them being there in the first place. Also bear in mind that the Egyptian empire at the time encompassed the whole of what is now Palestine, so if the Israelites fled from Egypt, they only ended up in another part of Egypt! I’m sorry – it’s all part of the myth of an ancient past that was invented by the creators of the Jewish religion who wrote hundreds of years after the supposed events. That is also why the Flood story is so similar to that in the Babylonian Gilgamesh story – the writers of Genesis were merely retelling what they had heard during their exile in Babylon before their return to Jerusalem – much of the Old Testament was written at that time.

          • @Indexer It does not matter really whether the exitence was there or not. What lesson do we learn from these people? Actually we believe more in Science fossils than the bible. Science has proved many biblical theories as correct.

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