My Happy List – Places I want to visit!!

I’m actually not someone who likes to travel a lot but I still have places I wish to visit…

1. Egypt

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I love the mystery that surrounds Egypt and their rich historical and mythical background! I would really like to see the magnificent temples and pyramids with my own eyes!

2. Taiwan

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I’ve been to Taiwan before and I miss it for the food, nice weather and friendly people!! I think its no secret that I love bubble tea and Taiwan is the creator/starter of bubble tea!! Bubble tea stores are everywhere in Taiwan!! hehehehe… I can imagine a cup in my hands daily!!!

Maybe my list will grow in the future, who knows, but that is all for now.

Also I would like to invite you guys to join in the My Happy List challenge. You can view the rules >>> Here


What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. They are both on my list! Egypt has been a dream of mine since I was little, and I’ve been very curious about Taiwan duting the last few years. Which cities in Taiwan would you like to visit?

    • Hmm… It really depends on what you are looking for … For food and shopping then probably XimenDing … for sceneries then you have to check around the net…

      When we went the last time, we followed a tour which is pretty much just touch and go so we didn’t really enjoy ourselves as much nor do we have time to shop a lot.