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It’s All Greek to Me! Can You Guess What These Words Mean?

The English language has a lot of really strange words. We have words borrowed from other languages and words that have recently been coined. And then there are just really archaic words that nobody uses anymore outside of academia.

Can you guess the meanings of these strange words? Let’s see how you do!

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    • A kind of rodent
    • A confection of honey, roasted nuts, and candied fruit
    • A cross between a nectarine and a pomegranate
    • A reddish orange color
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    • A vagabond
    • An implement used for spinning fibres into thread
    • The bum who excuses himself to the bathroom and just when it’s time to pay the check at the restaurant
    • A condition you get from sleeping the wrong way and cramping your leg
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    • A bicycle built for six people to ride as a team
    • A child of one-and-a-half years
    • Using many long or multi-syllabic words
    • An insect with 150 legs
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    • Tasting something disgusting
    • An exercise that involves lifting the buttocks up off the floor while in a lying position
    • The act of swallowing
    • Removing the gluten from grain products
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    • Bad breath from eating too many toaster pastries
    • Cell death as part of your body’s normal housecleaning
    • Justin Trudeau photobombing the Pope
    • A strange new brand of cola
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    • A short paved walkway
    • A meringue dessert tinted pink
    • A dessert made with poppy seeds
    • Resembling or relating to a peacock
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    • A kind of pergola found in a botanical garden
    • An orangutan hybrid that was bred to save the endangered species
    • A person who eats only organic food
    • A cross between an orange and a tangerine
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    • A picnic especially for relatives; an outdoor reunion party
    • An herbal smoking mixture used by indigenous peoples of North America
    • A poisonous plant
    • A miniature figurine, especially one depicting a 1950s greaser


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