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General Knowledge Quiz No.1

Chris Eason from London [CC BY 2.0 (]

Quiz becomes more entertaining when it covers a wide range of topics such as history, current affairs, entertainment, business, sports and science. So I have decided to make this a general knowledge round that should hopefully have a wider appeal. I hope many would find this to be an easy quiz. Enjoy the quiz.

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    When did the first world war begin?

    • 1914
    • 1915
    • 1916
    • 1917
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    Name the director of the movie “Titanic” starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.

    • Woody Allen
    • James Cameron
    • Ridley Scot
    • Clint Eastwood
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    Name the only Tennis singles player to have achieved the unique feat of a Golden Grand Slam in the same calendar year in the open era.

    • Serena Williams
    • Roger Federer
    • Steffi Graf
    • Martina Navratilova
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    Who is the founder of Amazon?

    • Jeff Bezos
    • Andy Rubin
    • Biz Stone
    • Evan Williams
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    When was the year that man first set his foot on Moon?

    • 1966
    • 1967
    • 1968
    • 1969
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    Name the brand that had the tagline “broadcast yourself”.

    • CNN
    • Fox Sports
    • Youtube
    • Sony movie
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    Who is the author of the book “Jurassic Park” that was later made into a movie?

    • John Grisham
    • Stephen King
    • Sidney Sheldon
    • Michael Crichton
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    Commonwealth nations refer to

    • A group of nations not aligned to USA or Russia
    • A group of countries that were (or are) part of British Empire
    • A group of countries with a common currency
    • A group of countries committed to the cause of eliminating nuclear weapons totally.


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